Your first session with Helene will include an examination. From this evaluation, a treatment plan is formulated.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

The examination asesses the following areas:

Joint range of motion for extremities and spine, sensation, muscle tone, muscle strength and length, pain, skin integrity, bed mobility, transfers (bed, toilet, tub, shower and car), posture analysis, gait analysis, stair and curb negotiation, home equipment, home safety, fall risk, and positioning in wheelchair, computer chair and recliner.

Physical Therapy Treatments

  • Extremity and Spine active and passive range of motion exercises.
  • Muscle strengthening (using isometrics, free weights, bands, manual resistance, modified Pilates) in supine, prone, sideline, sitting and standing positions.
  • Muscle stretching for upper and lower extremities and spine.
  • Bed mobility training including the use of assistive devices to improve ability to move in bed and recommendations for improved bed mattress support, electric bed.
  • Transfer training including bed, toilet, tub, shower and car with assistive devices, recommendations such as raised toilet seats, tub/shower bars and benches to improve mobility and safety.
  • Gait training on indoor and outdoor surfaces (sidewalks, stairs, curb) including proper fit of assistive ambulation devices (walkers, canes, crutches) and recommendations for lower extremity bracing to assist gait. Prosthetic gait training (with artificial limbs) if needed.
  • Wheelchair Mobility Training (regular / electric and scooter)
  • Sitting and Standing Balance Training
  • Joint and spine mobilization to increase spinal movement and reduce pain
  • Pain reduction techniques
  • Equipment Recommendations for home delivery of electric beds, bed rails, shoe lifts, upper and lower extremity bracing/prosthetics, ambulation assistive devices, stair glides, assistive devices for activities of daily living (sock aids, thick handled utensils, etc.)
  • Caregiver instructions/Fall prevention/Home modifications
  • Nutrition recommendations as needed to reduce pain and increase energy