What Is Fracking? Do We Want It To Come to our State?

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a process that the oil and gas industry uses to extract natural gas and oil from shale rock formations buried deep within the Earth. Fracking threatens the abundance of farmers markets, community -supported agriculture and locally grown produce and food product.  It requires large quantities of water mixed with sand and toxic chemicals, which are injected underground at high pressure to crack dense rock and release oil and gas.
Contamination of fracking is no just an on site problem and the risks extend beyond the drilling sites. Traffic accidents, spills, well blowout and leaks can  all put farm and agricultural land in jeopardy.  Fleets of trucks are used to ship hazardous waste water and toxic materials.  Traffic accidents have caused fracking waste water to be released into nearby freshwater bodies and private property.  Many townspeople (in states where fracking is going on like Pennsylvania ) are unable to use their own water due to contamination.  Tongue blisters and body warts have been a common occurrence due to water contamination.  Farm land is threatened and have effected not only crops but animal life.  Cattle have been stillborn, many losing their tails, deer have lost  their beautiful coat color and are “glassy-eyed”.  Pond frogs rarely “chirp”.  Both gas and water are released through the water faucets (including showers ) causing headaches and dizziness in many people.  Volatile organic compounds, cause ground level ozone which damages crops and threaten food security.
Recently, the news media leaked information that Governor Cuomo of New York is considering a plan to allow fracking in New York’s Southern Tier counties.   For New York state’s agricultural sector to grow and thrive, Governor Cuomo must ban fracking in all of New York State.  Contact the Governor today and make your voice heard.  Go online to foodandwaterwatch.org to learn more about fracking and ways to help fight against it.

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