Bad News About Fracking Moratorium-Need your Help

You may have heard the good news – last week the NYS Assembly
overwhelmingly (103-40) passed a 2-year fracking moratorium bill in
order to ensure the health impacts of fracking are considered. While it
would have to be passed by the Senate and signed by the governor to
become law, this is a clear recognition of our momentum and an
auspicious sign for the days ahead.

The bad news is on Monday, Cuomo’s Department of Health Commissioner,
Dr. Nirav Shah said that they “anticipate that they’ll be done in the
next few weeks” with the states internal health review and when asked
if they would wait for critical health studies just underway in the
U.S. to be included in New York’s review, Shah said, “no.”

What this means is that Governor Cuomo could announce fracking in a few

By finalizing the health review and the supplemental Generic
Environmental Impact Statement (sGEIS) without looking at critical
health studies, without releasing the review to the public and without
any public participation, Governor Cuomo would be breaking his promise
that this process and decision would be a rigorous one made on all the
facts and science.

Call Governor Cuomo Now – 866-584-6799 – tell him not to make New
Yorkers guinea pigs in a human fracking experiment. Wait for outside
health studies and do a New York specific comprehensive health impact
assessment before making a decision.

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