What I Learned From Gary Null Today

I had the pleasure of listening to talk show radio host Dr. Gary Null today at the New Life Expo in Manhattan, NY. Dr. Null is an internationally renowned expert in the field of health and nutrition and is the author of over 70 best-selling books on healthy living.

Dr. Null’s topic today was “the exchange of energy”. He believes that leading a healthy lifestyle comes from making the right choices. He believes that making the right choices brings positive energy into the body. He explained that besides getting energy from food we also absorb energy from our environment. Negative energy can enter our bodies through processed foods, foods filled with pesticides and by keeping company with negative people. He states that making “bad” choices such as sitting around, being on the our computer and phone (lack of exercise) as well as making unethical decisions can lead to premature aging.

He advocates for “free choice”, meaning one should make their own life choices rather than follow those choices made for us when we were young. Ignoring our inner voices will lead to frustration and bring negative energy into our bodies. Harmonizing with the right people and speaking out for what is right for society are ways to bring positive energy into our bodies. He encourages one to have a balanced life. Working excessively on one’s-career while ignoring one’s family and spiritual health can only do the body harm.

He suggests that people live in the moment, however, does state that staying in the same place for too long, when one should grow, is unhealthy and is usually the result of fear. Being responsible for ourselves and the effect we have on others is another way of bringing positive energy into our bodies. Having lots of new experiences through learning and travel makes us spiritually alive. Many of us ignore signs that something is wrong within our bodies and play the victim when we discover we have a health problem. He feels we should find solutions to our problems and not just dwell on them.

Embracing our authentic selves and bringing positive energy into our bodies is the best path to a long and healthy life.

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