North Shore Today Interview “Helene Kaplan, In-Home Physical therapist”

Chronic pain, no matter what the reason, is unfortunately a life changing event. It becomes difficult to accomplish even the simple things, like washing the dishes, which were once routine. Helene Kaplan, P.T. can help you regain your sense of self, all in the comfort of your own home.

Helene brings compassion, professionalism and 25 years of physical therapy experience right to your front door. “People hate to rely on others when they have a hard time getting out on their own”, said Helene. “I provide personal one- on- one therapy, specifically tailored to my patient’s individual needs, in the comfort and security of their home. I work with many seniors, but anyone in pain and who has difficulty getting out of the house will benefit from my service.”

Earlier in her career as a physical therapist, Helene developed a physical therapy facility within a rehabilitation center, and has worked in schools for children with disabilities. Thirteen years ago, she decided to use her abilities to help housebound people. Post surgical patients and those with decreased mobility, joint pain, poor balance or simply body weakness that has developed over time will benefit from Helene’s treatments. She brings all the necessary equipment such as steppers, bands, as well has free weights-to reduce joint pain and inflammation and increase muscle strength, rang of motion and energy.

There’s another important advantage to having physical therapy in your home, too. “By going into my patients homes, I am able to help in ways that i can’t in a facility setting.” Helene explained.” I see their living situation and can recommend changes that will improve the quality of their lives, such as changing a favorite chair or outfitting the bathroom to better suit their needs. May patients and I enjoy the social, more relaxed aspect of working at home too.”

Helene also makes having physical therapy at home painless. “A simple call to me will set the wheels in motion”, she replied. Helene even obtains the physical therapy prescription from the physician to make it easier for her patients. An important point-if your are on Medicare, my services are completely covered with absolutely no fees paid by the patient. Helene also has network of connections to other in-home care providers, such as physicians, optometrists, podiatrists, beauticians.. the list goes on.

Helene is also a nutritional consultant and can give you advice on diet and lifestyle changes that will also help with joint pain and fatigue. “It’s all part of my goal to help my patients revitalize their lives”, she said. For more information call Helene Kaplan P.T. 516-538-6799.

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