Low-Sugar Fruits

Summer’s fresh fruit offers a way for you to increase your consumption of antioxidants.  But if you are watching your weight, certain fruits are better than others.  High-Sugar fruits, such as pineapple, mangoes, bananas, dried fruits, figs, and grapes have similar effects on blood sugar as breads, pastas, and other high carbohydrate foods.

Low sugar high fiber fruits are most often the ones with the most antioxidant punch,
prohibiting disease fighting benefits as well has weight loss help.  Feel free to eat these low sugar fruits (of course in moderation):  Avocado-yes it is a fruit.  Avocado’s high fiber count makes it a good choice even if you’re trying to lose weight.  The healthy fat and fiber content helps you feel full, which is a great tool for weight management.  Berries are low in sugar and have very few calories.  They are great for brain health.  They also lower type 2 diabetes risk.  Organic berries are best since they are exposed to a heavy amount of pesticides. Cherries don’t spike blood sugar. They are a  support for cancer prevention, health health and are great for gout.  Lemons and limes are filled with Vitamin C.  They have unique chemicals that help to fight inflammation and with liver detoxification.

Finally, be sure to visit local farmers’ markets to get fruit that has not traveled a long distance to get to your refrigerator.  Fruits that are shipped long distances lose many of their nutrients.



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