Is Your Heartburn Medication Making You Sick?

You’ve just enjoyed a big meal and are relaxing in front of the TV when it happens. A burning sensation begins to build in the upper abdomen, and makes your chest feel like it’s on fire. You may have a sour taste in your mouth, feel heaviness in your chest or cough immediately after a meal. You’re suffering from heartburn. It’s a digestive problem that occurs when stomach and pancreatic acid come into contact with the lining of the esophagus, causing irritation. If you have heartburn once a month, it’s considered mild. If you have it once a week, it is considered moderate. Severe heartburn is when your heartburn occurs daily. If you complain to your doctor about having heartburn, he or she will most likely prescribe an antacid.

Antacids are big business. In fact, they are among the most widely prescribed drugs In the United States. Antacids are drugs that treat the symptoms of heartburn, indigestion, stomach upset, gas, reflux or ulcers. They work by neutralizing stomach acid or preventing the production of stomach acid. While antacids may provide temporary relief of uncomfortable symptoms, long term use of antacids is not a healthy solution. In fact, long term use of antacids can cause a great deal more harm than good.

Are you feeling depressed? Are you losing your memory? Do you suffer from Osteopenia or Osteoporosis? Are you constipated? If you take antacids like Alka-Seltzer, Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol or gastric ulcer medications like Tagamet, and Zantac, they may be causing these problems. Antacids have many disadvantages. They upset the body chemistry causing anemia and bone problems. They suppress the activity of stomach acid which is required to digest food. This undigested food remains in your stomach and may cause food allergies, fatigue, gas and other colon problems. They may contribute to kidney stones. Maalox and Mylanta may cause diarrhea and lower blood pressure, leading to fainting. Rolaids can cause osteoporosis, and should be avoided by women after menopause. Pepto-Bismol may cause ringing in the ears or interfere with blood clotting. Tagamet decreases the levels of good estrogen and increases the level of bad estrogen which may lead to cancer and fibroids.

In spite of treatment with antacids, heartburn recurs again and again. Remedies that block the production of acid within an hour or two of meal may only make digestive problems worse in the long run. It is actually the underproduction of stomach acid that causes the problem.

More natural ways for reducing the incidence of heartburn would be to eat several small meals a day. Avoid lying down immediately after eating. Eat slowly and chew well. Limit hot temperature foods, caffeine (chocolate, tea, coffee), soda, alcohol, garlic, onions (scallions, leeks), citrus fruits/juices, tomatoes, aspirin and spicy foods. Pure Encapsulations’ Heartburn Essentials is a wonderful alternative that has no side effects and is safe for your long term health. It regulates stomach acid secretion, enhances digestion (with its digestive enzymes) and soothes the digestive tract (to prevent esophagus irritation). Order it online at Questions? Contact me through my website or call me at 516-538-6799.
***This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

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