Controlling Blood Sugar to Prevent Diabetes

glucofuction_xlargeIf your fasting blood sugar is higher than 100, you have Pre-diabetes. If it’s higher than 125, your have Diabetes.  The hormone that controls the amount of blood sugar that enters your cells (as fuel) is insulin.  People who hare diagnosed with type 1 diabetes do not make this hormone due to a problem with their pancreas.  Those individuals need to take insulin to control their blood sugar.  Most people who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 2  diabetes.  They often make plenty of insulin, but the insulin doesn’t work well.

In type 2 diabetes, why are the body’s cells resistant to the insulin?  Roughly 80% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese.  The trouble starts when they eat too many calories, day after day.  These excess calories turn into fat that needs to be stored.  At first the fat fits into your fat cells.  When the fat no longer fits in the cell, that’s when the fat starts to spill over into the muscle, liver and pancreas.  The fat blocks the signal for the insulin to store blood sugar into the cell, causing insulin resistance.  A decline in muscle mass due to aging also contributes to a diabetes risk.

How can we help to reduce high blood sugar levels?  You can start by controlling the number of calories you consume, especially calories from sugary beverages and carbohydrates like grains, cakes, bread, pastas , rice, potatoes and cookies .  Eat leaner animal protein along with plant protein and non-starchy vegetables at meals.  Weight loss is important.  Aerobic and strength training exercise reduces blood sugar levels, increases muscle mass and insulin action and helps with weight loss. There are medications that can help, but often times they are not enough.   

 There are many nutrients like cinnamon, magnesium, alpha lipoic acid and chromium that may help lower blood sugar levels.  When taken together in a formula they can be very powerful.

Pure Encapsulations’ is a company that makes nutritional products. There products can be taken with medications as well. They have no artificial dyes, fillers or preservatives, are highly inspected and pharmaceutical grade.     That is the reason I recommend Pure Encapsulations’  GlucoFunction Formula.   It is a combination of many herbs well known to help reduce blood sugar levels.

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** This product is not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose disease.